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VR46 classic Collection

2011 Misano City Fluid helmet

VR46 classic Collection
2011 Misano City Fluid helmet

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The AGV Fluid helmet, a really smart complement to the rest of your riding gear. When you want to feel the freedom of open face riding, but without rushing wind or flies in your face, or the glare of the sun in your eyes, the AGV Fluid is the helmet for you. It's a beautifully sculpted jet helmet which lends itself to the daily commute, zooming around the city, or touring in sunny weather. The full length clear visor extends to below your chin, providing you with better than normal wind protection than a standard open face. Fully removable, washable and anti-bacterial inner; Retractable sun visor, operated by a wheel on the left hand side of the helmet; Micro-Metric buckle for easy closure - ECE 22/05 approved

Composition: 100% HIR-TH

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Product code: AGM1H288428